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Proudly servicing the glazing and architectural industries of the West Coast of Florida


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Creative Glass Processing  balances high-quality machinery, tight lead times and technical know-how to ensure our team is ready for your project providing the highest quality standards in our new state of the art glass processing plant.


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Polished Miter


We specialize in tempering and heat strengthening Flat Glass for a wide range of uses, providing the best quality available in the industry.  



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Finger Notch

Corner Notch

Edge Notch

Internal Cut out- No polish

Speaker Hole – polished

Circle Cut

Oval Cut

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Providing the highest quality standards 
in our new state of the art glass processing plant.


Our Vetromac cutting machine is equipped with Control panel with incorporated independent Industrial Computer with WiFi and 21″ Touch Screen, software package with optimization program developed in a Multitasking system with 250 parametric preconstructed shapes, user graphic interface for managing the cutting cycle and machine monitoring


The Bavelloni VE500 Mitering machine for processing chamfers has variable angle from 0° to 45°. It was created specifically for loading heavy weights, big thicknesses and large glass sizes (up to 350 kg/m) in complete safety, Small for number of spindles, but big for loading capacity and reliability.

Two operations in only one pass: the best choice for customers in the furniture business or processing tempered glass for buildings in small batches.

The NRG 420 is a Multifunction centre for machining glass. It is designed for drilling, milling, edge finishing, bevelling, geometric and artistic engraving, shaped pockets and disk cutting. The bed size is 4.2m x 2.3m, providing ample machining space for the growing demand in the architectural sector. Glass entrances, shower doors, railing and furniture glass need a special degree of attention. CGP uses a precision Computerized Numeric Control (CNC) fabrication machine to drill, mill, polish and cut holes and notches with the exact precision and quality required for these jobs.


Our Glass washing machine for coated glass and digital printing glass has polishing power that can be used in disc brush washing zones. Universal wheels are set on exit, therefore glass can be unloaded from two sides speeding up the workflow.  Air knives are set after the disc brush zone to reduce dirty water going to unwanted areas. Its unique last rinsing section is set with a sensor to provide Deionization “DI water”.

Our Furnace is custom built with the latest technology to produce extra flat glass with excellent optical quality.
This machine is equipped with advanced forced convection system, the heat absorption efficiency of glass surface can be improved by convection. The soaking property of glass when heated is improved by convection heating and the inner lining of upper furnace “reduces” the amount of dust in the chambers 



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Max Load area: 3600mm x 2100mm

Min glass size: 250mm x 250mm

Glass Thickness: 4mm to 19mm

Workers transfer the glass. At the factory for the production of windows and doors of alum

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